Music connoisseur and DJ extraordinaire, cooldjfrank, is the man you must have for all of your party needs! Born and raised in the city of brotherly love, cooldjfrank knows what it takes to please a crowd from the young in age to the young at heart. His distinctive sound incorporates music from all genres and decades, so no matter who is at your event, they are certain to walk away having had the time of their lives!

Music is his passion, and blending it all together to create a stimulating atmosphere for all to enjoy, is his art form that he is eager to share with the world. Once you experience the phenomenon of cooldjfrank, you won’t look at music quite the same again.

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franklin spinwell “aka” cooldjfrank

currator of memorable moments

Quality Music, Quality Clientele. Quality Experience



Franklin is easy to work with, and he listens intently to clients.   During his events, he maintains a neat workspace, with no unsightly wires exposed, to ensure the integrity of your venue, and/or to help complement the atmosphere of your elegant events.  His motto:

“There is a place for everything and everything has its own place”.


Franklin specializes in working collaboratively with his clientele, to ensure that he satisfies all the intricate details, associated with personally customizing the wants, needs and requests of his clients. Since Franklin specializes in spinning a perfect mixture of customized musical selections, he is sure to please all facets of his crowd, regardless of  age, gender, race and/or nature of the event at hand.  In fact, whereas most DJ’s tend to shy away from honoring musical requests during events, Franklin welcomes requests, and uses them as a catalyst to thrive and build upon.


Franklin clearly understands the importance of utilizing his impeccable music selection, as an additional interactive tool to flatter and please the crowd and/or clients he is servicing. Upon request, Franklin will even include a host, light show special effects, and free giveaways for your guests.  Franklin specializes in servicing any event for any occasion: Large corporate events, Super Sweet 16 birthday celebrations, children’s parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, block parties, campaigns, baby showers, weddings, karaoke, retirement parties, private affairs, etc.   Franklin gladly renders services local and abroad.